Yorkshire eyes the Grand Depart of the Tour de France

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Today in  the organisers of the  will outline arrangements for their famous race in 2013.

The Amaury Sports Organisation will talk in detail about how the start will be in  and other plans for celebrating the 100th version of the great event. 

The north of England should be keeping an eye on things; for in 12 months' time, the same procedure will be repeated for the 2014 Tour. And on that occasion the region replacing Corsica under the microscope as the venue for the start could well be .

If that happens, it will not be the first time the Tour has held a stretch in the UK. The race starts outside France on a regular basis, visiting cycling-friendly countries where it will be guaranteed a warm welcome. This year, for example, the honour went to .

The UK was last involved in 2007 when the cyclists started in and , but that is as far north as organisers have so far ventured. Now a serious bid from the tourist agency  and  may be a front runner to land the 2014 Grand Depart.

The success of  in becoming the first British rider to win the Tour this year has strengthened the north of England's hand, while at the same time pushing the regional clamour for cycling and all things lycra to unprecedented levels.  

Apart from the fun and a great sporting occasion, there would be important economic gains at a difficult time, if the experience of London is anything to go by. estimated that hosting the Tour de France in 2007 brought economic benefits of £88m, set against costs of little more than £10 million.

The capital's experience also helped the transition of London from a city tolerant of cyclists to one with ever-increasing and progressive routes, lanes, hire bikes and speed limits which have led in turn to a virtuous circle. More cyclists, less pollution, better health. Northern England could do with a lot more of that.

Yorkshire still has serious international competition to overcome but no name has yet been attached to the Grand Depart in 2014, and there is a whole year before the final announcement of details. Let's dream - and more important lobby, so that Paris in October next year will be talking not of Corsica, but of , Cracoe or Cragg Vale.